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Call For Papers:
Workshop on Leveraging Social Patterns for Security, Privacy and Network Architectures

29-31 August, 2009, Vancouver, Canada

In Conjunction with IEEE SocialCom-09 and PASSAT-09


Most existing communication network architectures are agnostic to the structures and behaviors of the human networks that they serve. By incorporating social patterns into the network protocols we might be able to significantly improve the network security, privacy and quality of service levels, by producing protocols that are auto-adaptive to the social aspects of their users’ network behaviors. Utilization of social information at the networking layers could facilitate the building of systems and applications of higher reliability, efficiency, and usability.

Recent years have seen an explosion of social applications on the Internet. However, most of these works remain at the end-user and application levels: applications that reside within specific websites like Facebook, or ones that link social information between other applications - like instant messaging, blogs, web browsers or email clients. Aside from nascent work on areas such as routing and security filters, so far few have ventured into taking the social information down to the lower layers of the network stack.

The workshop aims to bring to the forefront two intertwined approaches that involve the use of social information and social modeling for networking, privacy and security applications:

(1) Creation of network architectures and network devices that are aware of the interpersonal networks and relationships of the end-users.

(2) Designing network architectures that are inspired by the way human networks and human society operate.

For a more detailed overview and motivation for the workshop, please see the following link.

Workshop Goals

The guiding goal of the workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners who deal with social modeling and social data collection side by side with those who design communications algorithms and protocols, in order to:

(1) Survey and discuss the current state of research that deals with using social information and social awareness in core areas of data networking and security.
(2) Debate different approaches for integrating social information with existing and future network architectures.
(3) Foster creativity and imagine the underlying technological changes in the way we network and communicate that will take place over the next 5-10 years.
(4) Develop a strategy for creating a community of researchers and practitioners who are interested in ways for enabling current network layers to incorporate social models, behaviors, structures and dynamics.
(5) Create new opportunities and set the ground for future collaboration between participants, generating insights that can be carried forward into future work.


Areas of Submission

We are looking forward to your submission and participation in the workshop. Diverse ideas that stimulate further thinking and discussion across multiple disciplines are very welcome. This workshop invites submissions related (but not limited) to the following key areas of interest:


Submission and Paper selection process:

Authors are invited to submit original, unpublished research papers that are not being considered in another forum. We welcome work in progress in addition to well established works.

Submission can ben in the form of (1) a short position paper of up to 4 pages in length (2) a full length technical paper of up to 8 pages in length. Please follow the IEEE conference paper format, prepare your papers with 8.5'' x 11'', two-column format.

Please submit your manuscript to: by May 8, 2009.

Submitte d papers will be evaluated by their relevance to the topic, novelty and scientific contribution, in addition to their potential for encouraging discussion, engagement, and exchange of ideas during the workshop itself. Once a paper has been accepted, at least one author is required to attend the workshop and present the paper. Electronic submission of manuscripts (in PDF format) is required. Accepted papers will be published in the main conference proceedings of SocialCom-09.


Demos and Videos

We welcome demonstrations and videos of ongoing work to be shared during demo sessions. Please submit a 1 page description in IEEE style to: by May 8, 2009.


Important Dates


Workshop organizers

Nadav Aharony, Kwan Hong Lee, David P. Reed
Viral Communications
MIT Media Lab
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Room E15-495,
20 Ames Street, Cambridge, MA, 02139-430
Phone: +1(617)223-7722, +1(617)909-2101

Yuval Elovici (Director), Yaniv Altshuler
Deutsche Telekom Laboratories at BGU
P.O.B 653, Beer-Sheva 84105, Israel
Phone: +972 8 6428121
Fax: +972 8 6428016



For any questions, comments, or clarifications, please email: